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3 Tips for Maintaining Your African Hand-Woven Rug

You can be as snug as a bug in an African rug! European countries imported €48 million worth of rugs in 2020, and many of these rugs came from Africa.

An African hand-woven rug is beautiful, durable, and authentic. But you can't just set it on your floor and forget about it. You need to take a few steps to keep your rug incredible for years to come.

How should you clean your hand-woven African rugs? Can sun exposure damage your rug? Can you walk or put furniture on your rug?

Answer these questions and you can make the most out of your traditional African rugs. Here are three tips you should know about.

1. Be Careful When Cleaning

You can clean any hand-woven rug, and you should clean your African rug whenever there is a stain on it. However, you need to avoid being too aggressive with your cleaning. Using harsh chemicals can damage the fibres or discolour your rug.

If you spill something on your rug, you can use paper towels to absorb it. You can clean dry stains with cold water and baking soda. If you spill a strong liquid like red wine, you can pour baking soda on it immediately and then absorb any remaining liquid with dry towels.

To remove dust and hair, you can vacuum your rug. Do not push down or rub your rug with your vacuum cleaner. Gently run it over the dust and then remove your vacuum.

2. Remember Sun Exposure

UV rays can discolour your rug over several years. It is okay to leave your rug near a window. But you should rotate your rug so it has an even exposure to the sunlight.

When you move your rug, you should use both hands and grip it with your fingertips. If you have a large rug, ask someone to hold it from the other end. If you cannot move your rug, you can place filters over your window that block UV rays.

3. Avoid Pressure

When someone steps on your rug, they can grind dirt or other debris into the fibres. Avoid walking over your rug if you can avoid it, and never walk on it with shoes. You should also avoid placing objects on your rug, especially furniture.

If you need to dry your rug, you can hang it up on a clotheshorse or clothesline. Keep your rug as flat as possible and do not hang it up if the line is uneven or has bumps. Read a guide on how to care for hand-woven rugs so you know what exactly to do.

Care For Your African Hand-Woven Rug

Your African hand-woven rug needs your help. You should always clean your rug whenever it has stains or dust. But you should use water and baking soda, and you must be careful with your vacuum.

Keep your rug away from harmful UV rays and rotate it if it's near windows. Do not press down on your rug with your feet or furniture. You can hang your rug up, but don't use pins that can damage the fibres.

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