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How to Buy and Care for Handmade Woven Rugs

You’ve been contemplating investing in a handcrafted flat-woven rug for a while now.

And it’s no wonder! Woven rugs have many benefits over their machine-made alternatives. They’re unique, eco-friendly, softer to the touch, and more durable.

However, it’s not as simple as hopping online and buying the first rug you like the look of. There are lots of fakes out there, so to avoid getting swindled, you need to know what you’re buying and how to care for it once you get it.

Read on to learn more.

Tips for Buying Handmade Rugs

Hand-woven rugs are undeniably beautiful and unique. But it can be challenging for a newbie looking to purchase a genuine rug.

Quality Materials

A well-made rug is one that’s woven from quality materials—especially natural fibres. Look for rugs crafted from wool, silk, or cotton. These materials are durable and naturally insulating. They also feel nicer to the touch than synthetic textiles.

If a rug has a synthetic like viscose or rayon on the label, avoid it. It’s almost guaranteed to be machine-made.

Avoid Perfection

You might think you should look for a rug that’s flaw-free. However, when it comes to handmade rugs, tiny imperfections are actually a sign that the rug is genuine.

Remember that, in many cases, weavers are working in simple conditions using handmade looms and hand-processed yarns and dyes.

A Realistic Budget

Hand-woven rugs aren’t cheap. Each rug takes many hours to produce by expert craftspeople that have been practising their craft for years. Expect to adjust your budget accordingly.

If you really want to ensure your money goes further, look for companies that give back to their local communities—for example, by donating a percentage from each purchase.

Caring for Your New Natural Woven Rug

You need to start taking care of your rug as soon as it arrives. And handmade rugs require a little more care than machine-made or synthetic rugs.

Vacuum your rug often, but do it carefully. Always use the suction attachment, never the brush attachment. If you haven’t already, instigate a no-shoes-in-the-house policy. Shoes grind dirt into your rug, making it nearly impossible to remove.

If you spot pills on your rug, never pull them. You will affect the warp and weft structure. Instead, snip them with scissors.

Keep your rug out of direct sunlight. UV rays quickly fade the coloured dyes in the textiles.

Woven Rugs: Decorative and Durable

Purchasing woven rugs is an investment in the future. Do your homework and buy from a trusted seller, and you’ll end up with a quality product that’ll last decades if well cared for. Not only that, but your purchase supports local artisans and ensures centuries-old techniques aren’t lost to time.

Browse our collection of traditional African rugs and textiles today, or contact us if you’re looking for bespoke options or wish to ask questions about our products.

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