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atelier saaka proccess

A process based on multiple meticulous steps...


The magic begins with a white cotton thread treated by hand, a sign of purity. Carrying the soul of the fabric to be made, natural dyes extracted from local plants, will sublimate this thread.


Our artisans will then devote a minimum of 378 hours and more, on humble wooden looms, with great virtuosity, to give life to a unique and exceptional piece of textile.


Naturally, the result highlights wonderful patterns full of meaning and symbolism.


Our colors and their meanings:

  • Black: maturity, spiritual energy, darkness

  • Blue: water, harmony, peace

  • Green: vegetation/nature, harvest, growth, spiritual renewal

  • Brown: Mother Nature, healing

  • Pink/Purple: femininity, essence of life

  • Gray: serenity, joy, purity

  • Ochre/Red: love, change, transformation, blood, sun, passion

  • White: purity sanctification, light

  • Yellow: royalty, high status, glory, spiritual purity, preciousness, wealth, fertility



This is how we produce your pieces...

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